Tacoma Ag®, LLC is a privately owned company marketing generic crop protection products in the United States.

Founded in 2009 by proven industry veterans Tacoma Ag®,LLC offers high quality crop protection products via a customer friendly market approach focusing on enhancing customer margin opportunities. The company currently has registrations for 2,4-D, Clethodim, Dicamba, Glyphosate, Mepiquat and Bifenthrin.



We deliver high quality crop protection products. We have a proven supply chain system, sourcing from leading active ingredient producers and formulating product with leading U.S.toll manufacturers.

Enhanced Customer Margin Opportunity

We provide efficient market access through leading Crop Protection Distribution Companies. Our low overhead model allows Tacoma Ag®, LLC to provide enhanced margin opportunities for our customers.

Individual Customer Approach

You get a flexible marketing approach that tailors product supply to meet the desires of the customer; whether that be a Tacoma Ag®, LLC brand, a customer’s private label, or a value added product.