Sinon-Logo-300x77Tacoma Ag, LLC is announcing another marketing agreement!  While most of their growth has been driven by acquiring their own technical registrations and end use registrations; Tacoma Ag recently reached a marketing agreement with Agria to import and market Fortuna 75 WDG in the U.S. for the Bulgarian based company. Tacoma Ag is now announcing a similar agreement with Sinon USA! Tacoma Ag will market Sinon’s product Bonedry, a herbicide with the active ingredient of Paraquat.  Tacoma Ag has an experienced management team with proven market access through leading U.S. distribution companies of crop inputs. They have offered significant U.S. market access to global crop chemical suppliers who have little or no U.S. presence.  To learn more about Tacoma and the products/services they offer please visit their website