Durham, NC –(BUSINESS WIRE)—August 20 , 2012—Tacoma Ag, LLC

Tacoma Ag, LLC, a North Carolina based company announced today that the Company has reached an agreement with Secure Network Administration, Inc. based in Durham, NC to manage Tacoma Ag’s Information Technology needs, services and support.  Kevin Howard, a Managing Partner of Tacoma Ag, stated, “Our company has grown significantly over the last four years and we had progressed to a point of internal overload as to our data management, data security and IT needs in general.  SecureNA brings a level of professionalism and service… we desperately needed to continue to focus on growing our business and service our customers effectively.”   SecureNA provides not only data management, security and backup for Tacoma Ag, but oversees IT hardware and software needs as well.  SecureNA also provides 24 hour customer service support for Tacoma Ag’s employees.  Bryan Wilson, also a Managing Partner for Tacoma Ag, proclaimed, “I didn’t know that an offsite, third party IT support company could so effectively manage technical problems when they arise by over the phone communication and using the internet and appropriate software available in the IT world today to logon to my computer and help me solve any problems whether printer issues, data transfer, etc.  They have truly been amazing in the services that they have provided thus far.”  By using SecureNA, Tacoma Ag and their employees know that their data is protected from loss and security breaches as well as having their technical service needs met timely and effectively.  Wilson continued, “SecureNA’s level of service has already saved me a significant amount of time in dealing with IT issues and allowed me to better focus on meeting the needs of our customers.”

Secure Network Administration, Inc. was founded in 2005 on the principal of delivering affordable, efficient, and professional technology services and support.  Utilizing state-of-the-art software, hardware, and network technology resources along with highly skilled employees, Secure NA is able to provide the same high level of support and services once available only to businesses with in-house IT staff and large technology budgets.  Joel Pippin, President & CEO, states, “Our company provides the same or better service than an in-house IT staff at a fraction of the cost.  We encourage any business not satisfied with their current IT infrastructure, whether in-house or through a third party, give us a call for a free assessment of how we can help.”  For more information regarding Secure Network Administration, Inc. please go to their website www.SecureNA.com.